The First Commandment is to know God

My quest to know God led me from a world of Hollywood movie marketing, #1 charting music production, 300 political campaigns (including President Trump and PM Netanyahu) – to convert to Judaism, study under Rabbi Zeldman, and dedicate my talent and energy to projects like The First Commandment.

Here is a proposal to share The First Commandment with the world.

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“I have worked with not 1 – but 2 Jesuses – and Akiva is better than both!”

- Matt Faraci, publicist for: The Chosen (#1 at US Box Office, $193 million) + Sound Of Freedom (#1 at US Box Office, $250 million, starring Jim Caviezel)

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“I have worked with Akiva Prell on numerous campaigns. A valuable creative resource for us.”

- President Trump's Special Assistant and Director of Research

Proud to Serve

We have created and deployed strategic persuasion campaigns for: President Trump, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu, we shifted Jewish voting patterns in Canada from 60% left to 60% right, Christians United For Israel (CUFI), Aish, Kohelet, Thank Israeli Soldiers, Tea Party Patriots, Newsmax, Let Freedom Ring, Numbers USA, the Oil industry, Natural Gas, Hydro, Liquor, Wine, Insurance, The Jack Miller Center, National Taxpayers Union, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), Clarion Project, Canary Mission, Healthcare Israel, One Israel Fund and many other aligned orgs and causes.


Each of the 300+ campaigns we have done have been unique, and we will build a custom campaign for The First Commandment based on strategic objectives and budget. For now, here is an initial proposal with estimated (and customizable) budgets, based on our current understanding of needs.

AGNC shall create and manage The First Commandment’s strategic campaign in America and Israel. This includes Core Messaging (normally $17k-$65k), Strategic Master Plan, target audience avatars, segmenting content for target audience, funnel design, branding, positioning, logo, fonts & colors (style book) – and ongoing Leadership, design and management of the Campaign. $10,000 USD/mo


VIDEOS (we have written & produced 500+ videos)

Includes visual and thematic concepts, scripts, editing, images, A.I. elements, B-roll selection and 2 rounds edits per video.

1 minute videos: $3,500 per

3-4 minute videos: $20,000 per

30+ min Videos (VSL): Price TBD

Original filming with Rabbi Zeldman and/or others (in studio and/or on location): $5,000 per filming day


A.I. translation of Rabbi Zeldman’s video footage into other languages at scale.

Price TBD


Price: $3,500 USD/mo


We have written, designed produced and distributed tens of millions of design advertising assets over the past 20 years - in Hollywood entertainment, #1 charting music, nightclubs, 300+ political campaigns, dozens of Jewish nonprofit causes, and more.

Price: $6,250 USD for a pack of 25.


Based on our proven model used in politics, crisis management and marketing for over 20 years. Once we have your Content produced for Target Audiences and ready in Segmented Funnels – we set up simple (free) media monitoring to capture stories that are relevant to that Audience / Funnel / Content (for example: A.I. VS God or “Why They Hate You” Content geared to young Jews who feel targeted and marginalized by anti-Israel and anti-Jewish protests).

Media monitoring triggers our “Rapid Response” - we quickly respond to the breaking story in real-time, and capture as much attention as possible (on social media) in the first media cycle - and serve your Content to targeted audiences while the gates of attention are open.

This Rapid Response model “Rides The Wave” of large stories and it is more effective, and cost-effective, than traditional paid advertising.

Price: $3,500 / mo


AGNC Group provides each of the services (above) in-house.

AGNC will provide Content and Strategic Direction for the (below) items, which can be deployed through trusted external partners.


AGNC writes, designs and creates content - web programming & hosting outsourced.


Set up + build up Facebook, X, YouTube, Instagram + other social accounts for The First Commandment.


Ongoing placement of content, boosting, replying to comments, ad buying.


community manager

Identify partners, influencers and partner orgs to share and amplify content.


Akiva’s writings have appeared in the Jerusalem Post, The New York Times, Forbes, the NY Post, CNN, Fox News, The Washington Times, Townhall and others, he has been a guest on more than 400 of America’s leading talk radio and TV stations. Akiva is a sought-after public speaker in the Jewish world, and he trains public speakers in the political and corporate world.

Akiva Moshe Prell – an Orthodox Jewish convert – has been engaging Jewish and non-Jewish audiences, and helping to lead Kiruv trips to Israel – since before he was a Jew. On one of those trips, he met Rabbi Moshe Zeldman and became his Torah student.

Akiva is a film producer and advertising agency owner who creates videos and films that advocate for Israel and oppose Israel’s enemies. He works closely with both Jewish and Christian leaders. He has written numerous books (endorsed by 2 U.S. candidates for president), and has several TV and film projects underway, including the anti-woke “All In The Family” for our time:

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“Akiva's expertise was used to craft targeted messages and advertisements that played an essential part of the party’s communication campaign. The importance of these messages cannot be understated – several of them were delivered to constituents directly by Benjamin Netanyahu”


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"I am writing to offer my heartfelt thanks for your hard work during the 2011 federal election. Your efforts in the war room contributed directly to the historic accomplishment we achieved"


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"I want to tell you my enthusiasm for your work…I think you’re really doing a great service."


World-Renowned Author, Advisor To 3 US Presidents

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Bill Maher, HBO Real Time

Commenting on a video written and produced by Akiva Prell, while interviewing the star of the video

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“Thank goodness for this effort.”


America’s former National Security Advisor

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“After a Bigfoot was sighted in northern Ontario, I watched [Akiva] turn the event into a series of international television and print stories on land protection”

PAUL DEMERS, Former Chief Of Staff To Canada’s Minister Of Natural Resources

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“Akiva’s exceptional abilities are unmatched by any individual I have worked with on four continents. He has been the main source–and often the sole source–of the creative content that is needed to win.”

Mark Spiro, Founding Partner, Crestview Public Affairs

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“His skills for generating pre-emptive complimentary publicity is second to none. His unsurpassed skills have earned him a reputation of excellence.”

Patrick Muttart, Managing Director, Mercury Public Affairs

It would be an honor and a blessing to help bring your message to the world.